Making music on stages of all kinds from the street, to clubs, to big festivals I have broadened my directions into performance.

Multimedia is the vacuous object of our time. Music, screens, projections, installations are the mirror of a perceptive bulimia that represents us. I try to dig a deep groove through these objects using poor multimedia actions, complexity of assembling materials, poetic micro-narrative and great attention to the unexpected.
So naturally I found in the performance an enlarged field where events, objects and people dissolve their paths in an authentic perception.


* 2019 to today – a/v performance on selfie destruction

*2023 orchestra di libri in collaborazione con Libreria Potlach

* 2020 to today – happening where different art languages create a broadband situation full of energy

* 2015 to today – a/v performance on analog/digital confusion with vintage overhead projectors

* 2018 to today – a/v performance feat. Alberto de Angeli. A powered SECRETSHOW dedicated to clubs and high pressure sound situations.