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From the ideal ashes and materials of performance I model new objects.
The images are flat, the vision that the screens offer us are 2d. I superimpose different visions in a sort of disassembled cinema. Our sensory perceptions do not correspond to reality, they are confused, mixed, superimposed. These perceptions are reality.


* a condom machine distributor by Andrea Bennardo and Andrea Marinelli

* 2017 in collaboration with Fondazione Poggianella (Rovereto)

* from 2018 feat. Andrea Bennardo

* 2016 in collaboration with Fondazione Passarè (MUDEC Milano)

* New lightobjectdimesion, from 2018 to today

* Floating artworks developed into Enna Garage Arts Platform residency

* 2015 in collaboration with Decastamp print silk industries (Como, Italy)

* Breaking frames 2016